Thursday, January 31, 2013

Now I have gone and done it...

I have read about them ~ I have looked at a few of them. ~ But, now I am part of one!!

I am signed up for the 7th Annual Bead Soup Blog Hop! 
~Hosted by Lori McDaniel Anderson~

I have been planning out what I will put in my soup for my partner.I think I will make  a clasp that will match the beads I am going to send.  I have been studying all of the previous  entries to get an idea of how this works. I am excited to  stretch my creative muscles and maybe even give me a new direction with my craft. 

Keep checking back and see what develops!

I was going to post a link to last year's blog hop but I can get the link to work! Maybe I will learn how soon!


PS I think I might have found the link I was looking for:


Let me know what you think?