Sunday, August 9, 2009

For everything there is a season!

I have not posted any of my projects or added any postes lately, my baby Jeweled Inspirations, has been going through some growing pains and time has gotten away from me!

My sales have increased by 200% this year, and other changes have kept me from touching base and saying hello!

We will be relocating to Texas and anticipate a new vision along with the change in venue! We anticipate a couple of weeks down time.

This is my latest project and it was commisioned by a friend for a friend! The pendant was given to me and I was requested to come up with a design. I must say that the finished product was well received, and liked by everyone.

Well, I have some great ideas in the works and feel this blog will under go changes that will make it more of an open forum; instead of the current format.

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