Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stretching my Limits or Stretched to my Limits?

Funny how sometimes while trying to do something new I find myself at a loss for even the most simplist of ideas or direction.
I have an idea of what I want to create but then when I undertake the task of trying those ideas out; I sit there in a daze. 
Recently my daughters suggested that I should try to make something more appealing to the younger generation. 
Ok, so I sat down this past weekend and pulled out some lovely lentil beads. I put them together in an symetrical pattern and decided that I wanted to give it a youthful appeal. I loved the way the colors came together but thought they were just a little bright so I attached them to black suede cording to tone it down a bit. 
 The necklace came together well, and I actually finised it in one day.  Not a common thing in my hectic world. 

I wore it to my grandson's birthday party! I really did not expect the reaction I got.  One of my daughters, who can be pretty blunt. Told me that the necklace looked pretty cheap. 
Wow what a shocker! Really?
I thought the colors were bright and spring like. I posted it on one of the groups I belong to on Facebook for a feedback from my peers. After several suggestions I will be reworking this piece after all... 
Oh Well back to the drawing board!
Maybe I need to re-adjust my ideas of what the younger generation likes?

~Stay Tuned for the Revamped Project~


  1. Well, I think it turned out cute, but what do I know- I'm apparently old! I just do what I love and trust that someone else in the world loves the same things. :)


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