Sunday, June 9, 2013

Great Things Happening at Jeweled Inspirations of Texas!

There is always a storm.  It sneaks up and catches you off guard.  So it was here at the shop!  Deadlines to be met and things to do on a daily basis were thrown into the cyclone of life.   Sometimes all you can do is hold and wait.
This one seemed to last a whole month.  Digging out of the rubble and regrouping seems to be the next order of business.  I look forward with a new sense of priority.  Waiting for my next breath of creativity.
 Should be interesting.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Dayz!

I have been out of it for a bit. I am still hoping blogs and visiting all of the participants, I am awed by the amount of creativity that I am privileged to see. 
I guess that actually completing something as large as the 7th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party, can really take it out of you.  I am so proud of the actual fact that I was able to complete this event. 
For me that is a milestone!   
I have a small problem with actually completing projects.
Yeah me! 

In other news! 
I have to take a moment to brag about my daughter's accomplishments!

My beautiful daughter Racheal, who is a full time mother, 

a full time babysitter 
and a makes specialty cakes on the side,,,, 

~Oh, did I mention she is also a full time student?!!!~

She made Dean's List!!!! 
I am so proud of her! 

~~~But It Gets Better~~~

My youngest daughter 
Graduated with her Associates!

I have a wonderful family!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Do you have your party hat on? I do!

My party hat - Check
My glass of wine - Check
Bead Soup - Check 

Time for the 7th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party~ Third Reveal

April 27, 2013 

Every great party has a wonderful host and this one is no different! I would like to introduce her.  She is none other than the wonderful and talented artist and author Lori Anderson. She has battled thru some pretty tough things to bring this party to us.  Sleepless nights sorting emails, pairing 500+ participants up, setting up pintrest board for sharing, and even a contest judged by some very important people as well.
Thank you Lori, from the bottom of my beady heart! 

I was really excited to take on a project of this size. This is my first time participating in a Bead Soup event. 
I struggled with what to send my partner. Would I send enough material and would she like it? You can see what I sent here.
Before I reveal what I have made with the wonderful collection of pretties from the very talented artist
I want to refresh your memory with what we had swapped.  
This is the wonderful soup that I received from 
Cindy Cima Edwards~Make sure to see what she made with the beads I sent her.
I sat for a few days just admiring the colors and getting a feel for the soup.

The first thing that jumped out at me were the lovely pink recycled glass beads.  I just loved holding them up to the light and looking thru them.-Here is what they became..
From the soup: I used: Pink recycled glass beads, the medium brass connector rings,and half of the toggle that Cindy sent me.  From my collection: I used copper wire to wrap the beads and made the other half of the toggle.  I also added a bit of chain for comfort.

The next item that I wanted to work with was the lovely Ice Resin focal. 

I just loved it!
From the Soup: I used the focal, some of the Sari ribbon, one large jump ring for clasp, the other half of the toggle that was sent to me , pink aventurine beads, rhodonite round beads, couple of bead caps, some bronze headpins. From my collection: I added the bronze chain, the brown suede, cord findings, some jump rings to tie it all together. 
I also created these cute earrings.. I love the ribbon on them.
From the Soup: I used more pink aventurine beads, rhodonite beads, bronze bead caps, Sari ribbon.

Then I wanted to use the other focal, Cindy sent me a Rhodonite focal that she wrapped for me using some bronze colored wire and some of the gold plated beads.
From the soup: I used the rhodonite wire wrapped focal, Sari ribbon, One of the "Hope" brass rings, and the faceted rhodonite beads. From my collection: I made a wire wrapped toggle to go in the hope clasp, then I added the bronze colored ceramic beads, jump rings, and ear wires for the earrings. 
I returned to my favorite technique: wire wrapping this is the next item I created..
From the soup:  I used the round pink chalk turquoise beads. From my collection: I added the pink cording and several 10mm light pink crystals, I used brass wire to simulate gold, and I made a clasp to complete the necklace.
I wanted to change direction and move to the unakite beads. See what I came up with..
From the soup: I used the unakite beads, the gold plated beads, and the second "hope"ring.
From my collection:  I used some bronze chain, reclaimed vintage orange/pink beads, some oval findings. Again, I made the toggle, but I just love the little flower I made to hand from the clasp.

I wanted to do something with the pink aventurine, It just wasn't coming together, I laid them out and finally I saw my grandmother's pearl necklace. I have never tried to hand knot beads. I think I did pretty good I only took it apart once. I even made earrings to match.

From the soup: I used the remaining pink aventurine beads & rhodonite beads.
From my collection: I used embroidery floss and couple of bead caps. Finally I made an "S" clasp to finish it off. 

With only a little time left and very few beads, I was able to come up with one last piece.
From the Soup: Chalk turquoise briolettes.  From my collection: I added the 4mm white mother-of-pearls, pink glass pearls, brass chain, brass rondels.

Nothing like last minute inspiration- I will have to post it later once I finish it.

Things I have learned from participating in this event:

I have never mixed metals before in a project, it is a technique I will be using from now on.
I have not worked with the Sari ribbon before, I am hooked.
I learned to make my own earwires.
I learned to fabricate a complete toggle clasp 
I have learned to knot beads.

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Happy Hopping!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Kick'n Amazonite

This necklace was a progressive piece, meaning I created the frame months before I even knew what it would become. I was working on some design shapes and came up with this one.

Then about 3 months later I was looking for a project to work on. I came across the frame and just knew what it would become.

The necklace is made with leather in a deep emerald green, the clasp is attached with beautiful wire wrapping. The pendant measures 3 1/2" H x 1 1/4"W, giving the choker style necklace just a little more appeal.

This necklace will become definitely a one of a kind heirloom.

Friday, March 22, 2013

It seems just as I am getting the last item on my to do list completed I find myself back at the top of list again   Never ending cycle. create list post sell create list post inventory etc... Maybe I should invent software the will post and blog,tweet,and pin, all while you are entering the cost of material in the the current months inventory... ? Maybe I need to patent that idea!
Then I could afford a real studio!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stretching my Limits or Stretched to my Limits?

Funny how sometimes while trying to do something new I find myself at a loss for even the most simplist of ideas or direction.
I have an idea of what I want to create but then when I undertake the task of trying those ideas out; I sit there in a daze. 
Recently my daughters suggested that I should try to make something more appealing to the younger generation. 
Ok, so I sat down this past weekend and pulled out some lovely lentil beads. I put them together in an symetrical pattern and decided that I wanted to give it a youthful appeal. I loved the way the colors came together but thought they were just a little bright so I attached them to black suede cording to tone it down a bit. 
 The necklace came together well, and I actually finised it in one day.  Not a common thing in my hectic world. 

I wore it to my grandson's birthday party! I really did not expect the reaction I got.  One of my daughters, who can be pretty blunt. Told me that the necklace looked pretty cheap. 
Wow what a shocker! Really?
I thought the colors were bright and spring like. I posted it on one of the groups I belong to on Facebook for a feedback from my peers. After several suggestions I will be reworking this piece after all... 
Oh Well back to the drawing board!
Maybe I need to re-adjust my ideas of what the younger generation likes?

~Stay Tuned for the Revamped Project~