Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Need more hours in the day!

Time sure does fly when you are near end/begining of year paperwork and such.
I have been working to get the studio organized and set up to function more smoothly. I have noticed I seem to be over thinking the process. I am spending more time working on the studio rather than in my studio. ..... Some thing to ponder!

I would like to spend all day working but alas, I have another day job! So I steal moments when I can to come out here or the work on my newest project!

I am figuring out this blog thing. I have learned how to add a widget of one of my stores to it. It
is on the bottom of this page. Maybe I can figure out how improve the traffic to my website?

Something else I will have to ponder.... spend many nights up contemplating these issues. I don't know if any one even reads this. Who knows ...... ponder....

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  1. Good luck, Angela! I have just started a new blog a few days ago as well and there is so much to learn.
    But handmade jewellery is just worth the time sweated off on the internet! I agree - we need more hours in a day. Not that 24 isn't enough, but that would be only fine if I didn't have to sleep!


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